Today, Faculty of Teaching and Training Education have guest from IAIN Curup. It is one of the Academic Visit which is held by IAIN Curup in major of English Education. This visit is presented by five lecturers and 18 students from IAIN Curup. This event is opened officially by the Dean of Faculty of Teaching and Training Education, Prof. Sofendi (lupo gelarnyo) and is continued by Mr. Hariswan Putra Wijaya, S.Pd., M.Pd. to give information about English Education Study Program.
In relation to this event, English Education Study Program presents a small training entitled "Delightful Academic Writing Training" that is lead by Dr. Rita Inderawati (lupo gelarnyo) as a speaker. Mrs. Rita delivers the way how to write a good paragraph. By having this training, the students hopefully are able to write a successful single paragraph.
This visit also gives some information about the association of English Education Study Program called as SEESPA. It is lead by Shisi Octa Ruli as the regent of SEESPA.
Lastly, before the event ends, both universities give small gifts each other as a memory to remember. Besides, the students and the lecturers are given certificates to appreciate their visiting.
Hopefully this warm academic visit could create a good relationship between Sriwijaya University and IAIN Curup.

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