It has been the fourth time for SEESPA holding the English Competition which is also known as SEESPA English Olympic. this year, the theme is "Balancing Youth's Intelligence and Manner Through Fair Competition". This event was held on 21, 22, and 24 of October 2016. There were 7 English Competitions ; debate, speech, story telling, spelling bee, news casting, acoustic, and wall-magazine. The first and the second day of competitions were held at FKIP Ogan, and the closing day was held at Palembang Indah Mall.




More than 80 schools in South Sumatra joined this competition. It has successfully got 400 participants, in which 50 participants were Junior High School Students, 250 were Senior High School Students, and the rest were varsity students.

“Actually, the participants in this year are doubled than last year, this is definitely because of our effort in using the social media to promote the event. Here, we facilitate the students to upgrade their ability in English and also make them feel competence” said Aulia Rahmawati as the Project Leader.



This event is hoped to be able to build the solidarity and give the experiences in managing it for the students in SEESPA.
“We hope that from this event, we can learn about managing the event and also get the togetherness among the students in SEESPA” she said. Moreover, Aulia said that it was very important to learn English, because it was a major language in the world, “I hope that the students in South Sumatera have the eagerness to learn English, because English is very important language to communicate with people around the world”. Aulia and her team do really suggest people in South Sumatera to learn English as soon as possible, because it makes them ready for Asian Games which will be held in Palembang and also ready to face MEA (Masyarakat Ekonomi Asean) in which English will be used to communicate.


Giving the trophy by the head of English Education Study Program to the representative of SMA XAVERIUS 3 Palembang who got the grand champion in SEESPA English Olympic.


“We have prepared the reward for the winners in each of the competition, there are ; trophy, certificate, and money. The competent judges come from the Lecturer of Engish Education Study Program in Sriwijaya University, alumni of SEESPA, and others experienced judges.”

“Next year, this event will be held again, of course in the larger scale, considering the students’ interest in English is increased from time to time.” she said


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